Hello Unova Legends  players!

Today July 2, 2017 we updated our Pixelmon mod to 5.1.2!

Important things you need to know:

- E4/Queen Hall is being made and will be added to the map soon!


-Drop Party Weds. July 5 at 3pm EST

-Sunday July 9, 2017 at 3pm EST Karaoke Event Hosted on teamspeak winner will recieve 40k with a Karoke Icon on teamspeak

Join Our Discord

Here a  some link if your intersted in downloading the pixelmonmod to join us 

Click me to download 5.1.2 Pixelmon Mod

Click me to download latest forge required 1.10.2

We hope to see you there

Arcaine Super excited to see this server come back after being away for long. Seeing players enjoy this community to have some e...

Unova Region

will be updating!

Apirl 3 Unova Region Server will be closed down for maintence.

The server will be updated to the newest update that is 1.10.2 newest pixelmon mod! 

*The update will inlcude *

-New Map (New Spawn,builds, etc)

-Server Reset

-Mega Pokemon, Stones& Rings

-Bunch of new pokemon &legends

-Fairy Typing will be added

-Some of Gen 6 will be added 

-New minecraft blocks, and tools.


Players that have bought anything from the donation store will have it in the newest updated.

Players balances will be the same. Please screenshot your balance as a copy for refernce if any issues. 

InsanityShard My chair finally broke. Turned out the screws were decorational- some stupid guy looked at the wooden seat and the metal...


  • Crates will be up and updated in the next few weeks
  • Bending Server Coming soon !

Pokemon Pricing link below


KillerSlovakia x Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaasma !