Hello Unova Legends  players!


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Hello Unova Legends Players!

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! BOYS AND GIRLS! We are proud to announce the start of Clash of Teams Season 2!!!! here are the list of events that will be taking place:

9/16: Dewgong Races at 3pm EST

9/23: Building Event- 3pm EST

9/30: Pokemon Battling Tournament 4v4 lvl 50: first battle starts at 12:10 EST

10/6:Pokemon Catching Tournament: 6pm EST

10/13: Pokemon Double Battle Tourney: first battle starts at 6pm EST

10/21: PVP/Parkour event: 3pm EST

10/28 Battle Finale Tournament! 6v6 lvl 100

Each event will be worth 4 points each until the finale which is worth 6. The team with the most points after the finale is declared the CoT season 2 winner and will have their flag and mascot displayed in spawn. Individuals who are not associated with teams or previous season winners can participate and if you win, you win individual prizes, but your points go to a team of your choosing.
Team Prizes:
Each team members would get:
1x iconic crate key
1x $10 voucher to the online store
$60,000 In game money

Individual Prizes:
1st: $25,000 in game money
2nd: $10,000
3rd: $5,000

All team leaders have until 09-16-2017 at 11:59 pm EST to register team or the team will not be eligible to claim team prizes at the end of the season
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thunderqm can i join? im in xylo's team

Hello Unova Legends  players!

Today August 19, 2017, we updated to Pixelmon Dark Modpack!

Please enjoy the 89 new pokemon added into the game, anyone that first just started the game and want a gen 7 starter please message an admin to switch your starter.

Youtubers that play on our network:


Important things you need to know:

- E4/Queen Hall is being made and will be added to the map soon!

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Here a  some link if your intersted in downloading the pixelmonmod to join us 

Click me to download Pixelmon Dark ModPack

Click me to download latest forge required 1.10.2

We hope to see you there

Arcaine Super excited to see this server come back after being away for long. Seeing players enjoy this community to have some e...