GRAND OPENING      

     DEC. 5th     
     12PM EST     

The server has a medieval-theme,
which means we will be offering a resource pack
for people that want to use it!

Click here to check it out!

In Addition, we offer 30+ plugins, including but not limited to:

     CASINO AND BAR     
     AND MANY MORE!     

The world itself has been tailor-made
with a realistic feel; it is a great departure
from the days of pre-generated Minecraft Worlds.

                                         Please Note:                                         
                         The server will be using 1.8 pvp                        
     but any version up to 1.12 will be able to enjoy the fun.     

Join Us Today!

     CLASH OF TEAMS     

         SEASON 3         

     WEEK 1 EVENT     

   DEC. 9TH   
    3PM EST    


Hello Unova Legends  players!

We Are Currently running on Pixelmon Generations 1.1

Link to download is below

Clash of Teams Season 3 Dec.9

NEW Features Add To Plasma Region!

  • Pokedex Rewards

          -Receive rewards for simply completing the Pokedex

  • Pokecoins

          -Collect coins for killing Pokemon You can now collect Pokecoins for just killing Pokemon!($5-50)

  • Pokemon Raffle

          -We will now have Pokemon raffles for a chance to gain a rare Pokemon. You can join just by simply giving up a Pokemon and submitting it as a ticket, the max Pokemon you can give up will be two. When the raffle fills up to 100 Pokemon, a winner will be announced. Current Raffle is A SHINY DITTO!

  • Pokemon Hunts

          - Want to earn rewards for hunting a specific Pokemon for the week

  • Free Trainers Sashes and Hats
  • Clan Tags

          - For Clash Of Teams, We added clan tags to the server, which will allow all teams to create their own teams & prefix. All teams prefix will be in default color dark purple.

  • GTS Feature

          - You will be able to sell and auction 3 Pokemon at a time

  • Pokemon Disguises

          - You can transform yourself into POKEMON!

  • PokeBuilder 

          - You can now buy tokens to build a Pixelmon the way you want

  • CrazyFeet

          - Allows players to walk with style! Choose from a selection of effects to follow you wherever you walk! From flames to Ender-pearls you can customize what effect you walk with and even have multiple effects playing at once for your own unique style!


  • Player Shops!

          - Player Shops are where players can sell their own items to other players. The money will be directly added to the seller's balance.

Youtubers that play on our network:



Join Our Discord

Here are some links if you are interested in downloading the Pixelmon mod to join us 

Click me to download Pixelmon Generations ModPack

Click me to download latest forge required 1.10.2

We hope to see you there