Welcome to the Newly Remade Unova Legends Pixelmon Forums!

Pixelmon and Factions forums have been split!
Pixelmon's color scheme is now Black and Blue
All shared pages' color scheme is now Black and Purple
Shared pages include: Vote, Members, Staff, Support, and the Store
Pixelmon now has it's own Calendar
The store now has a new better look overall, especially in the ranks section!

PurpleRodri is Now Officially Partnered With Us!

Make sure to check out his channel:

Click Here!

Clash of Teams Season 3:

Clash of Teams comes to a close with the winners being Team Leafblade! During the first 4 events, Leafblade sat back and went unnoticed. Then, the week 5 parkour event changed all that. Leafblade had won both the first and second positions! After not placing in Week 6, they went back to work and won all 3 top spots in Week 7! Week 8 came down to the wire, with Team Leafblade in 1st place heading into it while The Guild and Infinity trailed just barely behind. The final battle would determine the winner of the Season. Leafblade's Snorlord123 managed to pull wins out from the other 2 teams and won 1st place, giving his team the win!

Congratulations to Team Leafblade!

Additions to the Server and Discord:

New features are not limited to just the forums:
Aura-Surrounded Pokemon have started appearing in the Plasma Region!
The fourth to seventh sages are getting their typings upgraded! Make sure to check discord for those to be announced!
Legendary and Iconic Ranks, along with the top 10 donators, all have access to 2 private discord rooms!
Discord now has a UL-TV Channel for you to show your videos to the whole community!
Legendary Rank now gets all the crazy particles as well as rainbow hat and rainbow sash along with a ton more stuff!