Hello, everyone,

As many of you already know, the Unova Legends servers have been offline as of 02/01/2019. The Owner of UnovaLegends and the HA Administration have both agreed our current server standing was not ideal nor up to our standards to our players.

Our servers will remain offline until Summer of 2019, which is just around the corner, from which UnovaLegends will come back stronger than we were just 4 months ago. These approach will help us redesign our network internally, and for the upcoming 3 to 4 months, help with creating a more suitable environment that our entire community will enjoy and thrive in.

On behalf of the Owner and the HA Administration, I would like to thank every member of our community, from past Staff Members to the wrong-doers of the ban list. Everyone, no matter the past, helped shape our Network.

We will update everyone on exciting to updates when they come available and members on our Discord Server receive updates immediately! Join our server by clicking this link here.

Thank you, everyone! Have a blessed day, evening, or night!