Minecraft Username:

Discord Username:

Who referred you:
No one just love the server

Player time playing the server:
6 hours and 15 mins at the moment of making this but gonna be more.

Time-Zone you are located in:


Any languages you may speak:
English, Spanish, JavaScript

Amount of Hours you are available to be online:
2-4 Hours

Experience (Battling, Gym, etc):
Been a gym leader before on here and I got way better at pokemon

The reason why you want to be a Grunt Leader:
I like pokemon battle’s and I saw you needed a bit more help and I am here to help. When I was staff I loved seeing people win or lose the battle as long as they got better and I will try to help them beat the gym not by letting them win but by trying to help them make a better team to fight the gym.

How many badges have you obtain:

Any Extra Comments:
Nah just I loved the staff team when I was if there's still the same I’d love to do this expire again. Thanks for your time hope you consider me. :)