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Minecraft Username: _Extreme_Xavier_

Discord Username: _Extreme_Xavier_ Tag: #0310

Who referred you: dylantd12

Player time playing the server: 1 day, 7 hours

Time-Zone you are located in: GMT+1


Any languages you may speak: English, Swedish and a bit German

Amount of Hours you are available to be online : Weekends: About 3 hours, sometimes more. Weekdays: 1-2 hours, sometimes more though.

Experience (Battling, Gym, etc): I have a very good experience in battlling, gyms and just Pokemon. I have played Pixelmon, Pokemon tcg, Nintendo (all main series) and just love Pokemon. I know almost everything about Pokemon, even know some Pokemon's weight. Abilities, Natures, Megas, Evolutions and just all about Pokemon.

The reason why you want to be a Grunt Leader: I really want to help other people (I'll do that even if I don't get hired) and I love to battle. I want to make a challange for the people that is trying to get through the gyms and yes, they will get a challange if they face me.

How many badges have you obtain: 10

Any Extra Comments: I have been a gym leader here before and I loved to play but then I got an virus on my computer and it started to crash every other minute. So I couldn't play anymore. Now it is finally fixed and so I went straight back to Unova Legends. I just wanted to say that I love this community and even if i don't get hired, I will still play here and help out as much as I can.
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Welcome to the gym leaders team :)
Posted Nov 25, 18
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