Minecraft Username: Vixena

Discord Username: Vixena#0737

Ontime playing the server: For this month Currently 1 day 8 hours, Last 7+ days

Time-Zone you are located in: MTD

Amount of Hours you are available to be online : 6-12 Hours

Moderator Experience (Leader Skills,Minecraft Skills,etc): Currently I am a mod in several Discord channels, I was mod then Admin in my previous server Pixelmon Fire Red and was a mod for several non Pixelmon servers in the past.

The reason why you want to be a mod: I believe very strongly in fair play, following the rues and ensuring everyone has a good time. Usually I am on the server quite a lot and I already make sure to help people when I can and would love to be able to assist the server and players in making Unova the best (Which it already is)

If you are part of staff how long you been with the network : About 2 weeks.

Have you been Mod somewhere else, if so where : Yes, Pixelmon FireRed, MCPVP Battlenet, Phyxnation

Any Extra Comments: Thank you very much for your time, I really love this server and those that play on it c: