Minecraft Username: Vikings22

Discord Username: Vikings22#6060

Who referred you: No one

Player time playing the server: 37 minutes

Time-Zone you are located in: CST

Age: 15

Any languages you may speak: English learning Spanish

Amount of Hours you are available to be online : 2-5 hours a week

Experience (Battling, Gym, etc): I have been a gym leader, moderator, and admin here before for seven months or so. I have beat all pokemon games generation 4 and up. I have played other servers and beat their gyms and elite 4.

The reason why you want to be a Grunt Leader: I want to get back in this community and do good. I enjoyed my time last time being part of the staff team.

How many badges have you obtain: Zero

Any Extra Comments: It is good to be back on this server and hope to see a lot of good things come out while I am back.