Discord: Lance#8239

In-Game Name of PlayerI: Baaekhyun (Ciilan)

Date of Ban: September 2017 (He doesn't know the precise date )

Who they were banned by: KittenMuffins (He believes)

The reason of their Ban: The reason of his ban was he made a discord channel ( Fairytail ) with NSFW with his colleague ( He doesn't want to mention the name).

What has changed since then about themselves:: he have accepted the full responsibility of the mistakes that he and his colleague did in the past 2 years, He learned his lesson and will never do it again or in the future.

Do you understand that if they are caught in any mess once more, they will no longer be given any more chances:: Yes and he fully understands the terms and policy.

Do you understand that if their appeal has been accepted, their player data would be reset back to default, all claims and items removed, and gym badge statuses revoked: Yes and he agreed.