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2019 news

[Owner] Unova Legends posted Jan 29, 19

Unova Legends has come really far since it was first opened back in early 2016. The countless memories and events, the amount of dedication shown by the community and staff team throughout the years alike, are *invaluable to me and everyone here. The past few months have been hard for the network. As the Owner of Unova Legends, I feel that it is necessary that we take a step back for a time and evaluate the network in its current standing. I believe that using this time to revamp everything from the forums to the servers and even the donation store, every that has to do with Unova Legends, and come back stronger than before. So, because of this, on February 1st, 2019, all Unova Legends Servers will come offline and remain so until the Summer time. This is the best approach that would work with the renovations I would like to do for the server. We want to thank everyone here, from the community of players and youtubers, to the staff running the network and making sure it remained operational. We'll see everyone in the summer and hope everyone is excited for the same!

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Aura Wars has been officially released!
The Breloom Casino is Now Open!
Pixelmon has updated to Pixelmon Generations 2.0.2!
Unova Legends Draft League Will Be Starting Soon! Make Sure to Sign Up!

Xylophoney is Now Officially Back to Take
Over The Unova Region by Storm!

Make sure to check out his channel:

Click Here!

Also make sure to check out PurpleRodri's Channel here:

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Clash of Teams Season 4:

Clash of Teams Season 4 has officially started! ShadowSpectre, the newly-merged Leafblade+Rainbow Skull team, is in the lead with 17 points and the Guild is right behind them with 16 points! However, there is still time for another team to pull through and rise to the top! Make sure to get all your friends on to win the Clash and take over the Spawn of the Plasma Region!

Additions to Social Media and Discord:

The updates are not limited to just the forums and server:

The Unova Legends Twitter is active again! We are almost at 150 followers! Check it out here!
QueenVixen, the Server Owner, is now livestreaming on twitch and has her own discord